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Keep track of the manuscripts you've sent out. When, to whom, and with what result. Share market listings with your fellow writers. Organize them by contact info, genre, rate of pay, response time, prestige, and more. Fun and easy graphs can show you how much you're writing, and when.

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Tracking submissions is one of the most critical activities in which a writer engages, outside of the actual writing.

Submissions do get lost in the mail—and on editors' desks. And in the months between sending a manuscript out and receiving it back, you may forget where else you planned to send it, or where you've already sent it. Good record keeping is simply essential.

By far the best online resource for writers to manage the business side of writing. . . . Well done and amazing.

- T.D. Hollowell, Twinlance Freelancing

Well designed, well programmed, and more or less intuitive. . . . May well become a part of your everyday routine.

- Writer's Technology Companion

The Writer's Database will keep track of all the markets for your writing, and the status of all the manuscripts you've sent out to each market. You can easilly check on a market's:

And you can keep track of:

We have recently introduced a number of new features, including daily word count graphs, sending multiple submissions from one screen, more advanced market tagging and searching, and community actions such as (optional) sharing of market listings among all users. More features are planned for incremental release.

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