Writer's Word Count Tracker

Whether you're interested in keeping track of your word count for the annual NaNoWriMo event, or for your everyday writing, this short video describes how to do it.

Essentially, by adding a title to the Writer's Database, then clicking on the little "bar graph" icon next to that title, you can record the total number of words in your manuscript at the end of each day of writing.

Once that data has been entered, you can generate a variety of graphs to show how much writing you have (or haven't) been doing. You can choose to graph:

You can view graphs for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly timeframes. Your graph can reflect your activity on one manuscript at a time, or the total word counts for all of your works in progress, combined.

The Writer's Database is a free web-based application for writers. In addition to the word count features, you can keep track of market listings (and discover new ones) and track your manuscript submissions to each market. To sign up for your free account, click below:

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