About the Writer's Database

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The Writer's Database is a site for writers to keep track of the titles they've written, the markets to which they submit, and the status of each submission. It is designed to help writers manage the business of writing.

I created the original version of the Writer's Database site to run on my own computer, for my own use. Adding multi-user capability and making it available on the web was a community-minded afterthought. Several years and many users later, the need for a version 2.0 of the site, re-written from the ground up, became undeniable. Additional capabilities were desired—including, just for example, the ability to share market listings between users.

In fact, a whole movement known as "Web 2.0" has arisen since the original launch of the site, and has raised the standards by which web-based applications—such as this one—are judged. Sharing of information between users (see Reader2), flexible categorizing of data via "tags" (see del.icio.us or flickr), more responsive interfaces (via techniques such as "AJAX"—see Digg or Google Maps or Remember The Milk), and portability of data (via desktop-based tools and APIs) are all hallmarks of the Web 2.0 movement—and all are worthwhile enhancements for this site.

What you're looking at now is the re-engineered, new-and-improved version of the Writer's Database. The core features (and many of the new ones) are still available for free, and I intend that they always will be. The site is still a work in progress; more new features are on the way. But I'm excited about what's already here.

Write well!


Staying Informed

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