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What happens when I clone another user’s market listing?

When you clone a market listing, you are creating a copy of that record. It’s exactly the same as if you had typed in the data yourself. You are the owner of the cloned record, can modify it at will, and can choose to share it or not. Modifications to the original record will not cause your data to be modified.

How can I organize my markets by genre? Or into tiers?

The “tags” feature allows you to do either of those things. For example, you can apply genre tags to a market, such as “poetry”, “literary”, or “science fiction, fantasy, horror”. (The latter example applies three separate tags. Commas indicate a separation between tags; spaces do not.)

Or, you can apply tags such as “tier1″ for your favorite markets, “tier2″ for your next favorite set, and so on. When deciding upon the next place to send a given manuscript, you might search only for markets that have the “tier1″ tag (and have not yet seen the manuscript in question). Or, if you are sending poetry, search for markets that have both the “poetry” and “tier1″ tags.

Why isn’t my expired contest or anthology showing up in my market listings?

Because by default, they don’t. Once the submission deadline for a market has passed, it no longer shows up in your market listings. However, by clicking on “Search Markets” in the left sidebar and choosing the “Include Expired Markets” checkbox, you can still see those listings.

What integrations exist with third-party apps?

If you have the [icon]Things app from Cultured Code, you can check a box on the account settings page to enable some extra commands. WritersDB can quickly create to-do items in Things to tell you:

  • Send a title to the next market (from the Titles list page)
  • Query the status of a pending submission (from the submission detail page)

You can also check on your pending submissions using Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Again, see the account settings page for details.

If I want to stop using the site, can I get my data back out?

Today, the simple answer is “no,” unless you do it manually. A data export feature might be developed at some point in the future, but there isn’t a standardized format for writers’ market and submission info, so the question of how to export useful data—i.e., data that could be imported somewhere else—is not simple or straightforward.

Why doesn’t the site look quite right?

I imagine you’re using Internet Explorer. I’ve tried to make the site usable in Internet Explorer, but like so many modern web sites, it works better in higher-quality browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. You’d be well advised to ditch IE if you possibly can.

Are you going to start charging for this site?

I expect the features that are free today will always be free. Maybe someday there will be an “enhanced” membership with additional features that require payment. But the plan doesn’t involve giving you any less later than I’m giving you now.