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What's the difference between Cloning a market listing and Subscribing to it?

When you clone a market listing (clone icon), you are creating a copy of that record. It's exactly the same as if you had typed in the data yourself. You are the owner of the cloned record, can modify it at will, and can choose to share it or not. Modifications to the original record will not cause your data to be modified.

On the other hand, when you subscribe to a listing (subscribe icon), you're looking at the same record as the original owner. This means that if the market changes its address and the owner of the listing updates it, you will see the updated information, without having to enter it yourself. (If the owner doesn't update it, then obviously you won't see any changes. The Writer's Database is not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of information entered by its users.)

Note that when you subscribe to someone else's market listing, you can still apply your own tags and your own notes, which only you will see.

What happens if I subscribe to a market listing, and then the owner of that listing deletes it?

You will not lose access to that information (although you will still have the option of unsubscribing to it). If a listing has subscribers when its creator deletes it, it will cease to be owned by its original creator (so that person will no longer see it), and will become owned by the system. If it was shared in read/write mode, then any subscriber will still be able to edit it. If it was shared in read-only mode, then it will be locked, so that no-one has the ability to edit it. If its non-editable nature becomes a problem, you still have the option of cloning it, of course.

How can I organize my markets by genre? Or into tiers?

The "tags" feature allows you to do either of those things. For example, you can apply genre tags to a market, such as "poetry", "literary", or "science fiction, fantasy, horror". (The latter example applies three separate tags. Commas indicate a separation between tags; spaces do not.)

Or, you can apply tags such as "tier1" for your favorite markets, "tier2" for your next favorite set, and so on. When deciding upon the next place to send a given manuscript, you might search only for markets that have the "tier1" tag (and have not yet seen the manuscript in question). Or, if you are sending poetry, search for markets that have both the "poetry" and "tier1" tags.

Why isn't my expired contest or anthology showing up in my market listings?

Because by default, they don't. Once the submission deadline for a market has passed, it no longer shows up in your market listings. However, by clicking on "Search Markets" in the left sidebar and choosing the "Include Expired Markets" checkbox, you can still see those listings.

If I want to stop using the site, can I get my data back out?

A data export feature is in the works, so the answer will soon be "yes." Today, however, it's "no."

I love the new market sharing features! Can I share all of my markets at once?

Yes! Just click on "Account," in the upper right area of the page, and you'll see an option to do exactly that.

If many users share their listings of the same market, how do I decide which copy to subscribe to?

If you believe in the "wisdom of crowds" principle and wish to follow the herd, two features may help you decide. You can see how many people have subscribed to each shared market listing, and even sort the listings by that statistic. Also, each market listing has a comments thread, which the community can use—among other purposes—to discuss the quality of the listing (i.e., how quickly its owner updates it when changes occur, etc.).

Why doesn't the site look quite right?

I imagine you're using Internet Explorer. I've tried to make the site usable in Internet Explorer, but like so many modern web sites, it works better in higher-quality browsers such as Firefox. You'd be well advised to ditch IE if you possibly can.

Can I hide the Twitter functionality?

Yes. Click on "Account" in the upper right part of any page, then scroll down to the Preferences section. There's a checkbox you can check.

Are you going to start charging for this site?

I expect the features that are free today will always be free. Maybe someday there will be an "enhanced" membership with additional features that require payment. But the plan doesn't involve giving you any less later than i'm giving you now.